Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On The Senate Becoming A Bad SNL Skit And Celebrity "Culture"

"Never let a crisis go to waste." - Rahm Emmanuel

Well, there you have it, folks. Republican Norm Coleman has lost the Senate race to second rate comedian Al Franken. The Democrats now have their filibuster-proof supermajority, and the substance of the United States government has just become a little shallower. Lest we forget, there were wide accusations of voter fraud in November and December of last year, all of which have been conveniently swept under the table and all but forgotten. And don't even begin to think they received much media coverage. You aren't that foolish, are you? Initially, Senator Norm Coleman was ahead by several hundred votes, then several hundred more mysteriously rolled in; overwhelmingly in favor of Al Franken. Yea, that's normal.

You think that Obama is ruthless in pushing through anything he wants now? With a supermajority, there will be virtually no opposition. That's assuming there was any to begin with, the "Republicans" we have "in charge" are virtually useless sitting ducks who wouldn't move their lips if Obama announced that all tax-payers would be rounded up to work in underground concentration camps. No taxation without representation; representation we have not. Nada. Zero. There might as well be no Grand Ole Party. With the Marxists in charge, we can be sure that they have even less of a voice.

Why, oh why is the general public so infatuated with celebrities? People are more worried about what quality nose candy Lindsey Lohan just got her hands on rather than issues that effect them and their pockets directly. The media and his sycophants have virtually turned our very own Messiah Obama into a celebrity; he's said so himself. And that's how he is treated; with kid gloves, no opposition, and folks more infatuated with his workout routine than his quasi-criminal acts against America and it's tax payers. Aside from that, in possibly THE most influential Senate race in a very long time, voters have supposedly voted in a half-wit comedian who has, well, never done much of anything. Why did they do it? Because he's a comedian. That's basically it. I won't even mention The Terminator who has transformed the once great state of California into the most bankrupt sector of the nation.

This past week has been a pretty bad week for celebrities and an even worse week for Americans. Our government has pushed through a bill based on phony science that will hit almost every American right in their paycheck, but everyone's concentrated on some kiddy fiddler that's sold a few albums. While they martyrize Jackson, Obama and his cronies have assassinated millions of taxpayers' livelihoods. The timing of the bill was no mistake, as Rahm Emmanuel would say, "Never let a crisis go to waste". They've certainly taken this advice to heart.

Unfortunately, it seems to be working.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Supreme Court Overturns Sotomayor's Decision To Deny White And Hispanic Firefighters Promotion

"A broken clock is right twice a day."

Simply amazing that a decision like this has been made under the dictatorship of Lord and Messiah Obama. This is a great victory for those of us that want truly equal justice in this country. The Supreme Court has overturned the ruling of then appeals court judge Sonia Sotomayor that would deny white and Hispanic firefighters promotion in New Haven, Connecticut. The firefighters were denied the promotion because no blacks passed the test, so, of course, everyone else had to be held back as well.

In a nation filled with ever increasing insanity, little things like this brighten my day. Nevermind, forget about little things; this is pretty huge. When is the last time something like this has happened? I was utterly amazed upon hearing this news, I thought something like this happening in this day and age was just a pipe dream. My faith in the Supreme Court of the United States has been rekindled...somewhat. It is what it is; a victory for forward thinking Americans and I'm very glad these firefighters finally have a little piece of justice.

However, in typical liberal and racial fashion, Obama has come to the rescue of his Affirmative Action appointee. According to the White House, Sotomayor was simply "upholding precedent", and dimwit Robert Gibbs has accused the Supreme Court of judicial activism. "This court decision is obviously fair and non-racial, which is exactly the opposite of what they should be going for", said Gibbs. OK, sorry, that's not a real quote.

At any rate, I am very happy with this decision. Nonetheless, the racist will still be appointed, mark my words. Don't even put it past them to overturn the decision yet again. Until then, bask in the glory while it still shines.

Liberty, peace, and justice for all.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Affirmative Action; The Gift That Keeps On Giving

"I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life." - Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor

"America is a nation of cowards" - Attorney General Eric Holder

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is in the news again, apparently there are hundreds of boxes of new material from her job with the Puerto Rican Legal Defense And Education Fund that need to be reviewed. You know what, forget it, let's just call her Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, do you really think that Obama is going to change his mind or that she's still under "consideration"? This is as transparent as Hillary Clinton having a position in the administration; basically inevitable.

Rest assured, however, no matter what comes of this, Sotomayor will still be appointed. Her blatantly racist statements and admitting to being the "perfect affirmative action child" only caused even more admiration from the ridiculously left-oriented media, mostly from whites who hate themselves and anyone like them. Ever since these self-revelations about herself, the press and liberals in general have gone out of their way to laud her even more. What is wrong with these people? You have to be everything but a straight, white male conservative to get any sort of respect or decent press from these self-hating troglodytes. Her and Obama could go on a crime spree tomorrow, and the press either would make steady excuses for them, blame it on white people, or downright not cover it to avoid appearing "racist".

Simply put, I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the pandering for no other reason than skin color and ethnic background. I'm sick of the media largely ignoring stories like these but, as per the usual, will carry out issues like the Mark Sanford controversy on for weeks, if not months despite this issue possibly effecting Americans for a very long time. One of the leading points of advice for success in any given field is to stop accepting mediocrity and, even worse, inferiority. To accept Affirmative Action appointees such as Sonia Sotomayor is doing just that and is leading us down a very dangerous path of self-destruction. I don't care what the color of someone's skin color is, if they don't produce results or have the best credentials, they don't get the job. Yet, in this sad day and age, it is *ME* who is considered the racist. Do I live in the Twilight Zone? Where did we go wrong?

Here we have an unknown black man straight out of the Chicago political machine thrust into office by none other than ungodly amount of monetary support from controversial sources and guilty whites who are too afraid to say no to him because they don't want to be accused of being racist. Oh wait, he's technically African-American, but since he threw his white heritage under the bus long ago and everyone else around him considers him black, I guess he is officially black. You also have a biracial (yet, also considered black) Attorney General who says America is a nation full of cowards for not debating the race issue. I agree, AG Holder, let's have that race debate, but it can't be one-sided this time and the ones on the white side can't be the very Obama sycophants who are too cowardly to even utter the word "race"! Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a Supreme Court nominee who has admitted to being a benefactor of Affirmative Action and, as a result, probably not the best choice.

Whatever happened to choosing the best person with the most impressive references for the job? Whatever happened to being truly color blind and accepting people for who they are, rather than how political correctness tells you to view them? Have we catapulted back in time, except now it's whites being discriminated against rather than non-whites? How has the once proud America devolved into this nation of cowards as Attorney General put it? My twist on it, however, is one that Holder may not have expected. One day, these self-hating, guilt-ridden whites will learn that praisal of political correctness and mediocrity are desctructive not only to our culture, but to everyone's.

One day, I pray, these reverse discriminators will realize it is they who are the real racists.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mark Sanford Cheats On His Wife - Who Cares? Since When Have Politicians Been Honest?

But firstly, what governor, in their right mind, goes missing for seven days without so much as an alibi? He should've known he was in the spotlight for daringly not accepting stimulus money, the least he could have done was announce where he was going and why. Public figures tend to cover their tracks before they end up disappearing; especially politicians.

All in all, though, who really cares? Are there any politicians that are decent? Who are they? Where are they? The only credit I can give Sanford is that it didn't take too much coercion for him to come out with the truth. I also think it was fairly sickening that he did this over Father's Day weekend; a slap in his family's face. Most importantly, however, he has brought extra shame on the state of South Carolina. Sanford was a possible presidential candidate for 2012, but knowing how those kinds of things go these days, his adulterous and amoral actions may actually prove to help him!

Here's a video of Mark Sanford being a politician...

Yea, people are surprised...and stuff. Yea.

The only thing I can be mad about here is the stark contrast between the way Democrats like John Edward and Bill Clinton were treated compared to the way Governor Sanford has been lambasted. As immoral and audacious as what he did may be, the same people who were saying that Edwards' and Clinton's affairs were "personal business" are the same ones who are crucifying Mark Sanford upside down and cannibalizing him. Did you really expect anything different? Sanford is treated this way because he's a straight, white, male conservative, make no mistake about it.

We're not witnessing anything new here, and I'm genuinely sick of hearing about it. A politician cheats on his wife; big whoop. He's annihilated in the media because he's a conservative. Yet more surprising news! Sadly, little issues like this, as well as Jacko's death, are the main things the American public insists on concerning themselves with while another enormous bill is passed under the door that is going to hit the majority of Americans very hard.

Smokescreens, lies, adultery, media hypocrisy and more shady antics from Washington? Color me surprised.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Never Has A Court Jester Been So Dangerous; Obama vs. North Korea

From the very beginning of Obama's move into the White House, VP and clinically insane Joe Biden warned him that the Chairman would be tested early. They've kept quite the muzzle on Biden, but he was right. Obama has failed miserably when it comes to both foreign and domestic policy, but there is no greater threat and no subject he has responded more passively to than North Korea. From the initial firing of the first missile to the threatening of Hawaii; Obama as responded as a teacher would towards a troublesome student.

We are very quickly approaching Obama's first major test in foreign policy, although this test may decide whether the world's most powerful country endures and defeats or whether we are all forced to speak Korean. Instead of addressing the issue, the main stream media has been busy buying tickets to Obama's comedy club routine and asking him asinine, irrelevant questions that have nothing to do with foreign or even domestic policy.

Here is dear leader, uhm..."taking care" of things?


Thank you, Dear Leader. I'm certain your proposal of peaceful sanctions to one of the world's most unstable dictators will prove worthwhile. Kim Jong Il shall immediately reconsider firing any missiles at the US and halt the production of any nuclear weapons. Your rapier wit, debonair continentalism and knee-slapping comedy routine has won the heart of a short, heartless, soulless Korean who initially wanted to see the US blown somewhere near Venus.

Just make sure, next time you see him, ask him politely not to attack the US or any of it's allies, President Obama. It's a well-known fact that pacifism and peace talks and pantywaisted negotiations win over terrorists.

Ask Neville Chamberlain.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Insanity - Liberals Make A Deal On A "Global Warming" Bill

"A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth." - Vladimir Lenin

Throughout it's geological history, the planet has gone through phases of heating and cooling. Sometimes these periods last ten years; other times, thousands. This is incontrovertible, scientific fact that is backed with an overwhelming amount of empirical evidence. Predictably, however, facts don't matter to the liberals much as the House introduces the largest environmental rip-off bill in years : http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/story/2009/06/23/ST2009062303474.html

At a whopping 1,000+ pages, you can be sure that our transparent and brilliantly organized representatives will review, discuss and analyze this bill just as much as they did with Obama's spendulus bill. The new legislation would induce yet even more control over our industries in a futile effort to reduce "global warming". Chairman Maobama claims it, "will reduce our dependence on foreign oil", because apparently there are not enormous oil fields off the coasts of our very own nation as well as Canada.

This bill has absolutely nothing to do with "reducing our dependence on foreign oil", do they think we're honestly that stupid? Well, perhaps your average Obamabot sycophant is, but I like to consider myself, and many other Americans, to be thinkers. This is another attempt at more control over companies and the blue-collar men and women who bust their butts at them day in and day out. Obama wouldn't dare cut off his buddys' oil profits; especially considering that's where much of his campaign funding originated.

Not only will this bill strike a huge blow to many of our nation's many industries, as always, the average American taxpayer and homeowner will be feeling the brunt of it, as well. While the value of our once valuable US Dollar drops steadily, the price of energy will rise; $80-100+ per household. Supposedly, "lower-income" households will receive rebates or credits, but they haven't defined exactly what "lower income" means, of course.

Folks, one of the largest scams in the history of the United States is steadily gaining ground. Think Al Gore is a looney? Him and his cronies will be laughing all the way to the bank as the global warming lie rapes America's pockets. Years of myth debunking can not dissuade the leaders of fools, especially with a naked Marxist in the White House. I urge everyone to write your representatives, but the little voice in the back of my head tells me it won't do any good.

This man has done more to harm America in six months than GW Bush did in eight years, and that's saying a lot, especially considering I'm no fan of Bush. Buckle up, folks, we're going for one hell of a ride. Hope you have lots of money...

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Leopard Can't Change It's Spots

"A leopard can't change it's spots."

Impassioned and driven by hatred and racism against whites, The Association of Community Organizers (ring a bell?) For Reform Now, aka ACORN, has decided to drop it's name in favor of another, along with changing their location. Not only that, in typical liberal fashion, they have threatened lawsuits against nay-sayers and critics.

Who is ACORN, exactly? ACORN grew out of the National Welfare Rights Organization from the 1960's, all the while maintaining their extremist, Marxist and racist viewpoints all the while staying well under the radar. This situation has been perfect for Chairman Obama, but you-know-what floats, and thankfully even some more mainstream talk show hosts are doing what they can to expose these criminals. Any organization who storms Federal Reserve and city council meetings can't expect to go unnoticed for very long.

They've played a very large role in Obama's artificial advancement; a back-scratching that goes way back as Obama was tied in fairly closely with the organization in the past. His association with the Woods Fund and Joyce Foundation, two charities, has allowed Obama to funnel millions into one of his favorite extremist, racist groups. This is not where it ends by a long shot. Accusations of voter fraud abound that are connected with this group, something I won't go into with this blog post. I recommend doing a quick search on the internet for all your research needs.

Back to ACORN and their phony name change; a leopard can't change it's spots. They have changed their name to "Community Organizations International", which will suredly make both their shoddy and extremist past, present and future disappear into thin air. Look forward to even more revelations about ACORN's past dealings in the very near future, accusations they will surely deny. After all, the name is different know and they're a different group!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Voter Regret, Anyone?

"You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

According to Rasmussen, President Barack Hussein Obama's index rating is at a staggering -2; the lowest ever recorded for any American president. Interestingly, only a little over half of Democrats approve of Obama's actions thus far. Voter regret, anyone? Just when you thought the liberal media couldn't possibly be more in the tank for this court jester, the clothes slip from the Emperor leaving a naked Socialist to be seen for what he is. Conversely, his rating is still relatively high "as a person". Then again, America has always liked an arrogant hood ornament filled with Messiah-like hubris.

Nationalism of health care, the government take over of the auto industry, superfluous spending of tax payer money that no one has seen results of yet, etc., are all major contributing factors. That's not to mention the Global Apology Tour, overt pandering to Muslims whilst largely ignoring Iranians standing up for their rights as well as showing a frightening amount of weakness towards North Korea. Obama has shown that he makes a good model for pop culture; not so much for the leader of the free world. Being Commander in Chief takes a bit more testicular fortitude than running a lemonade stand or pushing around papers as a community organizer, doesn't it, Mr. President?

My question now; what will become of the media that has drowned itself in the tank of Obama worship since the very beginning? Will his very own sycophantic followers on CNN, MSNBC and the major newspapers turn their back on the Chairman? Inquiring minds would like to know. Perhaps we'll find out sooner than later, but not before Lord Obama digs into America's pockets a wee bit deeper.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Is A Third Party Truly Viable In America?

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

-Winston Churchill

So why, then, haven't we taken example from history and turned off the road from which we're headed? I must take exception to anyone claiming we live in a capitalistic economy. Capitalism implies that there is freedom of choice, industry and private ownership of both capital and assets. If a country run by corporations and corporate slaves alike is your definition of capitalism, I retract my previous statement. If you take solace in the fact that your money is controlled by faces you will never see, please discontinue reading.

Socialism has had a part in America and American industry ever since the mid 1850's, and the Socialist Party in the US saw outrageous growth during the early 1900's. The New Deal was it's first noticeable start with the advent of numerous social programs; The Social Security Act, The Economy Act, etc., are only a couple early examples. Since then, socialism has been a creeping ivy on the back steps of middle-America, it's wrath only felt when it begins peeking into your very own home, business and livelihood.

I'll end the social discourse and begin with the political; what happens with those of us who don't necessarily fall into either genre, or simply think that our country and government have lost it's way? For sake of labels, I'd consider myself an independent conservative with a few libertarian leanings. The Grand Ole Party is dead and old school liberalism has gone the way of the DoDo Bird. Where do we go from here? Is there any one out there who represents me?

For years, I've perused political websites, blogs, and forums. To this day, one thing remains constant; people want change and there's no one that's come close to delivering it. It seems that Constitutionalists and those like them are in the majority, but the mainstream media would have you believe that any traditionalist is an old, tired racist redneck that works a low-end, blue collar job and is afraid of change. This situation lends itself to a sad state of affairs, when the average red-blooded patriot is ostracized in favor of doper kids that hate America. Anyone who believes in the virtues the forefathers stood for is immediately branded some kind of crazy outcast who has no political representation.

The question remains, however; is a third party really viable in present day America? The people have apparently elected a paper-pushing Socialist straight out of the Chicago political machine, who has both brought change (none for the better) and yet more of the same from his infamous predecessor. I'm afraid that most "Republicans" honestly have no idea what's going on and genuinely believe that there's still a such thing as the GOP. The Democratic party have become America-hating, quasi-Marxists and most "Republicans" haven't far removed themselves from ideologies across the aisle; liberal-lite, if you will.

Since the 1700's, the old adage bares repeating, "No taxation without representation". Yet, representation for any traditionally cultured American is all but non-existent. Where are they? Who represents us? Why haven't they come out to speak? Ron Paul failed due to bad management and the media making a mockery of him, but there are certainly more like him, are there not?

Alas, I've always been a bit of a pipe-dreamer; pie-in-the-sky ideology and fanciful notions make my brain stay awake. Surrealism is an escape from both fantasy and reality at once, yet grounds one's ego to maintain sanity. Am I alone? I want your thoughts. Who represents us? Is a third party really viable?

Kindest regards,

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