Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mark Sanford Cheats On His Wife - Who Cares? Since When Have Politicians Been Honest?

But firstly, what governor, in their right mind, goes missing for seven days without so much as an alibi? He should've known he was in the spotlight for daringly not accepting stimulus money, the least he could have done was announce where he was going and why. Public figures tend to cover their tracks before they end up disappearing; especially politicians.

All in all, though, who really cares? Are there any politicians that are decent? Who are they? Where are they? The only credit I can give Sanford is that it didn't take too much coercion for him to come out with the truth. I also think it was fairly sickening that he did this over Father's Day weekend; a slap in his family's face. Most importantly, however, he has brought extra shame on the state of South Carolina. Sanford was a possible presidential candidate for 2012, but knowing how those kinds of things go these days, his adulterous and amoral actions may actually prove to help him!

Here's a video of Mark Sanford being a politician...

Yea, people are surprised...and stuff. Yea.

The only thing I can be mad about here is the stark contrast between the way Democrats like John Edward and Bill Clinton were treated compared to the way Governor Sanford has been lambasted. As immoral and audacious as what he did may be, the same people who were saying that Edwards' and Clinton's affairs were "personal business" are the same ones who are crucifying Mark Sanford upside down and cannibalizing him. Did you really expect anything different? Sanford is treated this way because he's a straight, white, male conservative, make no mistake about it.

We're not witnessing anything new here, and I'm genuinely sick of hearing about it. A politician cheats on his wife; big whoop. He's annihilated in the media because he's a conservative. Yet more surprising news! Sadly, little issues like this, as well as Jacko's death, are the main things the American public insists on concerning themselves with while another enormous bill is passed under the door that is going to hit the majority of Americans very hard.

Smokescreens, lies, adultery, media hypocrisy and more shady antics from Washington? Color me surprised.

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