Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On The Senate Becoming A Bad SNL Skit And Celebrity "Culture"

"Never let a crisis go to waste." - Rahm Emmanuel

Well, there you have it, folks. Republican Norm Coleman has lost the Senate race to second rate comedian Al Franken. The Democrats now have their filibuster-proof supermajority, and the substance of the United States government has just become a little shallower. Lest we forget, there were wide accusations of voter fraud in November and December of last year, all of which have been conveniently swept under the table and all but forgotten. And don't even begin to think they received much media coverage. You aren't that foolish, are you? Initially, Senator Norm Coleman was ahead by several hundred votes, then several hundred more mysteriously rolled in; overwhelmingly in favor of Al Franken. Yea, that's normal.

You think that Obama is ruthless in pushing through anything he wants now? With a supermajority, there will be virtually no opposition. That's assuming there was any to begin with, the "Republicans" we have "in charge" are virtually useless sitting ducks who wouldn't move their lips if Obama announced that all tax-payers would be rounded up to work in underground concentration camps. No taxation without representation; representation we have not. Nada. Zero. There might as well be no Grand Ole Party. With the Marxists in charge, we can be sure that they have even less of a voice.

Why, oh why is the general public so infatuated with celebrities? People are more worried about what quality nose candy Lindsey Lohan just got her hands on rather than issues that effect them and their pockets directly. The media and his sycophants have virtually turned our very own Messiah Obama into a celebrity; he's said so himself. And that's how he is treated; with kid gloves, no opposition, and folks more infatuated with his workout routine than his quasi-criminal acts against America and it's tax payers. Aside from that, in possibly THE most influential Senate race in a very long time, voters have supposedly voted in a half-wit comedian who has, well, never done much of anything. Why did they do it? Because he's a comedian. That's basically it. I won't even mention The Terminator who has transformed the once great state of California into the most bankrupt sector of the nation.

This past week has been a pretty bad week for celebrities and an even worse week for Americans. Our government has pushed through a bill based on phony science that will hit almost every American right in their paycheck, but everyone's concentrated on some kiddy fiddler that's sold a few albums. While they martyrize Jackson, Obama and his cronies have assassinated millions of taxpayers' livelihoods. The timing of the bill was no mistake, as Rahm Emmanuel would say, "Never let a crisis go to waste". They've certainly taken this advice to heart.

Unfortunately, it seems to be working.

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