Friday, July 3, 2009

On Life, Liberty and Independence

"Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one" - Benjamin Franklin

I will start this by saying; no matter what becomes of this country, no matter how far down the road of Communism we may go, no matter what freedom is stripped from us daily, this country shall receive my unconditional love. Unrequited as it may be, that love and passion will never wane as long as I live. This isn't over yet; not by a long shot. This great nation may very well be one of the last bastions of quasi-freedom on this Earth not completely dominated by tyrannical government and a complete absence of civil rights.

My ancestors came to this country as legal immigrants from Northern Europe; peasants in the grand scheme of things, seeking better opportunity. This country was built on the backs of those in pursuit of freedom; yet is now being destroyed by their very offspring. Nonetheless, my ancestors rose to a level they never would have in their own home countries; a feat not possible had it not been for our forefathers and their children who died in our wars in the name of liberty. It's called the American Dream for a reason, as these freedoms are not granted to us by oppressors; only by the oppressed who have chosen to fight for it.

It's my honor to be with you today and still have the right to throw my words in the face of the very people who seek to set fire to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. To still sit here and have the inalienable right to sort-of free speech keeps the embers of liberty burning within me; it'll take one hell of a tyrannical wave to snuff them out. That, my friends, is why I refuse to observe our day of independence any differently than before. To give up is to spit in the faces of the great men before me and concede my rights as an American.

If tomorrow the wall comes down, if tomorrow all freedom is shot; people in the same vein as you and I shall come together and bandage it's wound. When the final fabric holding together our country is ripped, we will stitch it together again. A nation is only as great as it's people, and the moment they give up the lifeblood of nationality is the second they begin to live as slaves. It is you and I who would rather starve and die free than live to become fat subjugates or corporate servants. It is for that reason, that as long as we have freedom in our hearts and in our blood; forever we shall remain.

Hopefully, I've instilled a bit of second-thought to those of you who have lost hope. As long as this great country doesn't change it's name, we live and die as Americans. Today, we celebrate our day of Independence, yet so much more than that. We celebrate the very values that so many before us conceived through nationalism, blood, sweat and tears. No Marxist administration and no freedom-haters will stop me from believing in and loving my country and my people.

Freedom bless you all - Happy Independence Day.

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