Sunday, July 5, 2009

Top Ways To Lose Conservative Friends: #1 View Sarah Palin In An Objective Manner

Holy Moly.

My friends, I have come to the conclusion that Sarah Palin : Republicans as Barack Hussein Obama : Democrats. Both are sacred cows that can come under no scrutiny from that individual's party without said person being accused of sexism or racism. It's almost surreal and I wish that people would become a little more objective towards the politicians they admire.

Lately, one of the biggest news stories has been Palin stepping down from her gubernatorial position. Obviously, this has caused tons of controversy and conversation; both on the left and the right. Being an objective person and never really understanding the laudatory admiration and almost celebrity status that Palin holds among many conservatives, I decided I'd pose this question to both personal friends and on the internet. I began to realize something VERY quickly...

Do NOT criticize Sarah Palin!!! Don't ask questions, don't hold an objective viewpoint; do nothing but laud her obsequiously!

To put it lightly, I was quite a bit surprised. Now, the people I normally discuss politics with are fairly savvy and open-minded; except when it came to Sarah Palin. The response from women was most shocking and reminiscent of none other than criticizing Obama among Obamabots. Many times, I was called a sexist and that I am "afraid" of an "intelligent woman". Not only could they be further from the truth in accusing me of sexism, they couldn't cite one example of what made Mrs. Palin so remarkably intelligent, much less a good instance of why me or anyone else should be "afraid" of her.

Aside from that, tons of speculatory comments were thrown out in regards to why she really quit office. Some say she quit because of being absolutely brutalized in the media and plans on gettin out of politics for good, while others say she's going to start brushing up on social issues and foreign policy in order to make a run for the presidency in 2012. The last one scares me, but don't let any of your conservative friends know that. I think we need to face facts as we know them right now - Sarah Palin running in 2012 means Barack Obama until 2016.

Now, I know we all like to think that Sarah Palin was the best thing that John McCain did during the campaign, which isn't saying a lot. Au contraire, my friend; Sarah Palin lost McCain the female vote and probably cost him the entire election. Nearly 60% of women ended up voting for Obama, and his support actually INCREASED when Sarah Palin became part of McCain's already weak campaign. What makes you think the outcome will be much different if Sarah Palin decides to run against Obama in 2012?

Don't get me wrong, I think Sarah Palin may indeed be a good person that means well. She was completely lambasted in the media; worse than I've seen done to ANY politician, not even Bush. But, well, that's what they do. That's what the media does. We all know which way the media leans; any conservative that comes along is going to get a thorough beating while they let Obama pass another bill under the door with no opposition. No, she didn't deserve it, but that's what happens. I do feel sorry for her, but that doesn't make me blindly support her as it does so many other conservatives I know.

Folks, all I ask is that you don't do EXACTLY what you accuse your liberal opponents of doing and view things just a little more critically. Don't be fooled by someone you support just because they're your same gender or they're the opposite gender and you find them attractive. Don't blindly support someone just because they like guns and hunt moose in the Alaskan wilderness. Don't be fooled by someone that governs a fringe state that's much different than the continental US. Don't only support her because you feel sorry for her and think she gives good speeches.

For me, she leaves entirely too many questions open and hardly any answers. In my opinion, she was probably chosen as a minority candidate to be run up a flag poll and to offset both McCain's age and centrist, if not moderately leftist ideology. That's how she appears to me, but I know darned well that ain't a popular opinion.

I want to know if I'm totally off-base here. I want to know from YOU why I should love Sarah Palin. I don't hate her at all; just don't laud her, either. Am I wrong? Please comment!

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  1. Ah yes, the good old "Sarah Palin IS TEH BEST!!!11" argument.

    I have also seen people I thought to be competent in social and political issues become complete morons at the sound of Sarah Palin's name. Denouncing Sarah Palin (for good reason) is basically Judas selling out Jesus. For those who will read my comment and actually, you know, THINK about it, should realize she is the Republican Jesus, and Obama is certainly the Democrat Jesus.

    I would LOVE to refute the "sexist" remark. Those always make me laugh. It is the exact same argument that our Liberal enemies used for Obama. It is easy as pie to refute; use the exact same logic used as a counterattack against Obamabots. Tweak it as needed to fit the "sexist" remark. "Sexism" and "FemiNazism," I mean "Feminism," is to social policy as what Communism is to economics. Anyone ever read Arthur Schopenhauer's "On Women?" Aristotle had the same idea, many ages beforehand. Aristotle believed (and is plainly obvious even to the dumbest of all humanity) women are ruled by emotion and therefore are not fit to be regarded as equals with men, who are ruled by logic and reason. Women cannot be equals with men due to their innate natural inequality.

    But who cares about philosophers that helped meld ancient civilizations or provoke thought for generations of people.

    Unfortunately, that is true for 99.9% of the American people (even around the world.)

    Now there is an interesting solution...make classic and modern philosophy part of the main education curriculum, so children could learn viewpoints on different subjects and use their brain once in a while. That may even help people to become a bit more critical and informed of their government's activities.

    I'm sure that would be sexist and racist too. Don't forget "politically incorrect."

    I seem to have gone off base here.

    Thank you for an excellent post my friend.



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